Thursday, May 9, 2013

On Discovering Oneself

I recently browsed a Facebook photo album of a college friend and I saw a photo of one of our activities during our Leadership Seminar in college. I remember that during the activity, we were tasked to bring one item that would describe ourselves, then share it to the group. 

I instantly picked my Identification Card tag.

Why did I choose it to describe myself? It's because I was, and still am, in the process of discovering myself.

Each of us is created by God with uniqueness and reason. And I believe that it is our duty to discover His masterpiece in us, and to use that discovery for His greatness.

Some people try to desperately and obsessively imitate other people, to the point that he or she would adopt other's looks, likes, and personalities. They do this because they feel alone and empty inside. They either have lost their sense of identity or they wanted an identity that is acceptable to the society. They are not aware that they already have the seeds of greatness in their hearts which we have to discover, grow and use  according to God's purpose.

Those seeds of greatness are talents and ability that was provided by God as He created us. It is placed deep within our hearts and souls.

Desperately and obsessively imitating or pretending does not fulfill the emptiness. It does not make a person whole. Instead, it is just destroying the heart and soul. The seeds would be withered and die. Because of this, it would make a person more confused about himself and about his purpose in life.

Other people can be a source of inspiration and motivation. But not to the extent that we copy their uniqueness as a person.

Instead of pretending, let's be ourselves. Discover more about ourselves each day. Enrich the seeds of greatness in us. By these, self fulfillment and dreams are easier to achieve, and life can be more peaceful and productive. Let's use God's masterpiece to worship Him.

"The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are.... The second greatest is being happy with what you find." - Anonymous

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