Sunday, July 7, 2013

Soul Feeding

It's midnight and I am hungry.  So I go in the refrigerator to find something to eat.

When our body turns on its hunger button, we tend to find ways to feed it.

Our soul is also like that.  They tend to get hungry too.  The only difference between a hungry body and a hungry soul is, we sense more the hungry body than the hungry soul.

How do you know if your soul is hungry?  It is when we desire something and act on it.  But it doesn't stop there.  Acting on our desires should make us a better person than we were before we feed our soul.  Just like our body, the soul needs nourishment to make it stronger and more mature.  That's why we should also be alert on what foods we should provide our souls.  

Negativity is a big no-no.  It is like junkfood to our souls.  Some people thought they are living their dreams but their hearts and minds are full of negativity...and they become used to it.  It's like they cannot function if they cannot at least say or do something negative to other people. They tend to bash out on other people because they think those people are lower than they are.  They talk behind their backs, saying awful things about a person.  And when people excel or improve, these negative people would try to bring them down.  They think that the world just revolves around them and nobody can be better than them.

These negative people thought they were feeding their souls, but in fact they were feeding their ego. Big ego's fall from the sky real hard and hurt a lot.  A big ego doesn't make the soul strong.  Instead it makes the soul weaker and insecure.

Negativity is not healthy at all.

Feed your soul with positivity.

Shower others with love and care.  Be happy with their dreams in life because you are happy with yours.  There cannot be a reason why you would hate others for reaching their successes in life because you are aware that you have your own journey to follow.  Instead of bashing out on other people, you would instead improve yourself because you cannot compare yourself to others but only to your former you.  Do the things you love and those things will love you back.  Love others and they will love you back.  But if not, at least you become a stronger person who can face tougher challenges in life.  

A healthy soul is not insecure.  A healthy soul does not need to please everybody.  A healthy soul uses the talents given by God to use and nurture.  

A healthy soul loves healthy food.  So start feeding your soul with positivity and let it go, grow and glow!

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