Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On Countless Chances

They say that a cat has nine lives.

Humans, however, does not have one life.  We have countless lives.

When our hearts are broken, tasks failed, or feel that our future is destroyed, life is constantly giving us chances to start all over again until the day we die.  We are given the chance to heal ourselves and move on with stronger hearts and wiser minds.

I had been into several relationships before.  I loved but had been hurt several times.  I almost gave up on love and I tried to believe that it is just an overrated word.  But then, someone came along (again).  He made me feel that I'm a beautiful woman who deserves to be showered with affection and well, love.  He made me feel that I am okay for being who I am despite of my jealous and impatient attitude.  He loves me for all my flaws.  In him I had been more trusting and sensitive to his needs, enough to make me less jealous and impatient.  With this, I realized that I had learned so much from my previous relationships.  I learned the value of trust, respect, and acceptance.  

I lived another day believing in love.

I had been jumping from one company to another.  It seemed like I was not quite contented with my job.  But when I change company, my career is still the same--- being involved in training.  Since I was in college, I instantly knew that I would like my career to be in that line of job.  I may not be the best speaker in the world, but my heart is into providing skills and knowledge to the recipients.  I chose to be in a corporate setting to please those who wanted me to be dressed in a formal business attire.  But then, it seemed like I was still longing for something else...I couldn't be the best of myself.  Every day began to be a dull routine and my future became unclear.  So I decided to change companies, thinking a new environment was the solution.  However, after several more company hopping, nothing's changed.  I began to work like a robot with no feelings of happiness or unhappiness in what I was doing. Just when I was about to plunge into the dull life without vision, an opportunity finally opened for me.  I realized that a new environment was not the solution. The solution is a new attitude--- the attitude of believing in my mantra long before I graduated from college.  I wanted to be part of social development and improvement of quality of lives of people by imparting the right skills and knowledge to them.  It is not about the salary, not about the promotion, not about the nice clothes I wear--- it is all about being of service to others.   The new opportunity may not as prestigious as my corporate life, but I know it would bring self-fulfillment for me.  I instantly felt challenged and optimistic towards my future.  

Because of this opportunity, I lived another day believing in myself.

Leaving our past behind and bringing the lessons with us is facing another day with hope in our hearts.  God gives us hope for us to have another chance to live life. All we have to do is to have faith and believe. We cannot see hope, but we know it is just there, opening new doors for us to start all over again, making us a brand new better person--- a stronger and wiser one.

Someday, I maybe closing another chapter of my life and start all over again.  This just proves that life goes on with new chances that life may present to me.  This just also proves that I am still not dead.

Remember: "We do not live once.  We live each day. We only die once." - Anonymous 

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