Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Choices

Never let others make the choice for you, especially if it would affect a big part of your life.  Letting other people force you into something you do not understand well or you do not truly desire strips off the freedom in you.  This leads to suppression, which is not healthy for the soul.  When one is suppressed, he cannot function well.  His talents would become stagnant. He might be providing satisfaction to a significant person who committed him to such decision, but the question is, would he be happy with it in the long run?

It is important that we make a decision based on what are our goals in life.  Whether it is pursuing a course, creating an enterprise, writing a book, or even running a household, our present actions should be aligned with it, not aligned with someone else's goals.

That is why self goals are valuable in our lives.  We live and struggle to attain them.  Without them, our lives are like big holes with no meanings, therefore we would be very vulnerable to follow someone else's choices for us.  We would think that our main mission in life is to attain someone else's goals....because in reality, there is nothing to struggle for ourselves.

Remember, we are not born to be treated as robots or zombies.  We are born to follow and fight for our goals and dreams.

People may suggest, educate, motivate and inspire. You may compromise or negotiate with them. However, they must not manipulate you or use you for their own ends.  Each of us would have different opinions, however, in the end, you should follow your own choice, your own voice, your own heart....because you alone is responsible for your life.  It is you who is responsible in pursuing your own goals and dreams in life.

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