Monday, February 18, 2013

On Kindness

There's nothing wrong for being kind.  In fact, it is the nature of mankind to have kindness in their hearts.  When disaster and crisis invade our society, it is kindness that restores hope and faith.  When darkness fills one's heart, it is kindness that helps love shine through his heart.

But not all kindness acts are right.  Sometimes, we feel that we should be generous, compassionate and considerate to other people but that feeling contradicts standards, rules, and accepted principles. There are times that as much as we would want to do favors from friends, we cannot grant them due to some policies we should follow or some morality issues involved.

Kindness is good. But there's also something called boundaries, appropriateness, and proper decorum.  These are essential so that people would not take kindness for granted.  These are essential so that there could be an orderly society.  These are essential so that relationships can create valuable and more meaningful trust--- trust that is not only a word of assurance, but also a value that goes along with compromise, understanding and conformity.

It is kind, but will it break the law?
It is kind, but will it degrade you as a person?
It is kind, but will it hurt someone you love?
It is kind, but is it your role to do such kindness?
It is kind, but will it do better for the person you're providing kindness?
It is kind, but is it appropriate?

There's nothing wrong in being kind.  In fact, it is actually our choice whether to provide it or not. Always remember that kindness should bring light to a dark place so that the other person may think that the world is still a good place to live in.  Any kindness that brings ourselves or the other person to the darker corner is not kindness at all.

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