Monday, February 11, 2013

Death of the Soul

Though my body was alive, my soul was almost in its deathbed.  I almost let it be, but since it is the nature of our spirit to struggle for happiness and self-fulfillment, I decided to cure my soul and take myself out of the "mud" (I got that term from my father.  He used to tell me that if I feel that I'm stuck and not growing, I should get out of that "mud"). It was a good thing I still had the strength in me to stop death to eat my soul.  However, there are some people who has given up and led soul-less lives. Some has stopped dreaming and conditioned themselves to be satisfied with the "mud".  Worse, some would literally end up their lives.

How does a soul die?  Shattered dreams, heartache, depression, addiction...there must be a long list of answers to that question.  But all of them root to one thing--- lack of love.  If the heart lacks love, we lose our strength to face our everyday battles in life.  Love gives us inspiration to move on from a heartbreak, to find simple joys in a gloomy day, to value ourselves more, and even to give our lives another chance to dream again. Without love, like a drained battery, our soul would weaken.  And a weak soul leads to lack of focus, faith and hope.  It would lead us to thinking that life is meaningless.  And a meaningless life is a life with dead soul.

The nature of our spirit to struggle for happiness and self-fulfillment is the nature of our spirit to preserve love. With love in our hearts, we face whatever challenges that were given to us because we know that in the end, whatever the result is, everything would be alright.

I do not want my soul to weaken, nor I want it to die.    With the help of the contained loved that resides in my heart, my soul could find strength to reach my dreams and happiness in life.  If I am happy, then I can make others happy too. How can I extend positivity and growth to others if I am stuck in the "mud"?

My body was alive, my soul was almost in its deathbed.  But slowly my soul was healing.  I know that everything's going to be alright.

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